Bourbon Finance roadmap

To do list:

  • Deploy Bourbon Barrel Token, MasterChef, and TimeLock contracts.
  • Add stable coin farms to mint tokens.
  • Use Fees to add liquidity and token buybacks for price controls.
  • Add Derby for rewards and prizes.
  • Continually Add popular tokens to farms and exchange.
  • Add Derby reward pool (still need reward pool)
  • Update graphics
  • Add Rare Derby?
  • Added Top Shelf Bourbon.
  • Add BUSD farm
  • Upgrade to V2+
  • Full Dex
  • Bug Fixes
  • Cross Chain AVAX, MATIC.

What's next?

Once the full DEX is deployed and working on BSC we will deploy cross chain starting with AVAX.
Last modified 2mo ago
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